Embarking on the Murwillumbah Art Trail is a journey into the heart of a vibrant and dynamic artistic community. This bi-annual event, held in May, immerses visitors in the luscious landscapes of Northern NSW, where the coast meets the river and hinterland, unveiling hidden gems and lesser-known paths.

The Trail presents a rare opportunity for the public to venture into artists’ studios, historic halls, and pop-up galleries scattered across quaint villages. The event celebrates a wide spectrum of art forms, spanning from traditional painting and printmaking to intricate jewellery, imposing sculptures, finely crafted glassworks, and dazzling mosaics. The Trail offers an excellent platform for art enthusiasts, collectors, fellow creators or curious minds to gain insights into the artistic process, discover emerging talents, and avail studio sales.

For participating artists, it’s an invaluable chance to engage with fresh audiences, inspire young visitors, and convey the deeper meanings behind their creations. A detailed directory mapping the locations of studios and providing information on participating artists accompanies the event. Join the collective of artists, crafters, musicians, poets, storytellers, and other creative minds that make the Murwillumbah Art Trail an awe-inspiring event.


Take a sneak peak at the all the artists who are opening their studio doors or joining a group exhibition for this years event in May.

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A comprehensive directory is created that maps the studio locations and provides information on all participants.

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An exciting addition to the Trail is the workshops available for you to attend and participate in the creative process yourself

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