Caro Liddell

As an artist, Caro is a deeply intuitive creator. Professionally she is a printmaker of 35 years standing with a masters’ degree from Winchester School of art UK. Caros’ work these day concentrates around the changes of form made to materials by exterior pressure, whether it be a printing press, a vehicle, a hand, or tool. Caro’s visual journey is driven by the pressures she sees, both physical and emotional, changing all form, including the self and life around. A lot of her work reflects the pressures she has absorbed through her own body’s history, starting as an adolescent with emergency open-heart surgery. The next 30 years presented her with triple child loss, major spinal surgery, broken bones too numerous to list and more recently, a brain bleed followed by cancer and stroke. Miraculously, Caro is still here, still standing, still working. She has exhibited Solo in London Barcelona Byron Brisbane and Melbourne and been invited to residencies in Bundanon, Alice Springs and London. ‘All life is a perilous journey of the body and art is no exception’ Caro Liddell.

Social: c_a_r_o__liddell


Exhibiting at: 51 Greenvale Court, Burringbar