Christian Newton

Christian Newton is a sculptor based in Chinderah NSW.
He isn’t hard to find in his town, just listen for the chainsaws and power-tools which he uses to create new forms from discarded and reclaimed timbers.
“There is a beauty in giving timber a second life, the scars and wear hints at its story.”
“Working with wood keeps me humble. Often i can coax it into the shapes i desire, other times it just say ‘no’. You either give it respect or you lose fingers”
His obsession with local sealife and all things marine shows in his works and creations.
“Living in this area ,it’s hard not to be inspired by the local rivers and oceans.”
Last year saw his debut at SWELL sculpture festival and exhibition at Dust Temple.
Exhibiting at: The Main Pavilion, Queensland Rd, Murwillumbah