Christine Mellor

‘Boxes & Botanicals’ is an exhibition of both ‘contained art’ – consisting of mostly discarded items – natural treasures, & man-made objects; and botanical imprints from Christine’s local area.. ‘As a child, I had a fascination for ‘discovering’ something, finding a ‘treasure’. The value placed on individual treasures was equal – no one piece was more precious than the other. Art in a box is a form of assemblage/3D collage that came into prominence in the early 1900s, and may vary considerably. A box may contain strange, whimsical, or even important items. It may simply be a cutting from life, a trigger for a memory, long forgotten. They may evoke memories associated with the items contained within, for both the artist, and viewer also. The resulting pieces are dream-like miniature tableaux, often with unexpected juxtapositions. Christine’s botanical imprints are delicate, sensitively created wall plaques, and include leaves, flowers and life cycles of flora found growing within the Tweed region. They explore and highlight the intricacies of plant detail – be it native, introduced, domesticated or weed.

Social: ourpatchofgreen

Exhibiting at: 227 Smiths Creek Rd, Smiths Creek