Colleen Talbot

Im am an intuitive artist. Originally from Southern California, I now call this beautiful part of NSW home. I received my BA in fine arts from Chico State University. I always loved painting and drawing from a young age, but as I got older painting became a form of self judgment and was no longer a joy.
After the birth of my second child, and a long break from painting I was craving creative expression, I took an intuitive painting course online which reignited my passion, and opened up a new world!
Painting became a form of meditation, and communication, and therapy. I now listen intuitively to what needs to be expressed through me, and I paint using intention, colour, words, mark making and symbolism, and often the female form. .
My paintings are a process of moment to moment decisions, based on feelings and desires , there isn’t any pre planning or sketching.
The most profound experience I receive from painting is an ELEVATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS. I have also discovered my passion and gift for guiding others in the intuitive painting process through workshops both online and in person.



Exhibiting at:The Belle Riverhouse, 18 Riverside Drive, Tumbulgum NSW 2490