Jocelyn Edwards

Jocelyn Edwards Old pond, frogs jump in, sound of water. Our world holds so many wonders and astounding beauty, from dragon fly wings to the stars above. Drawing and painting is my humble way of celebrating the countless wonders of our world. The greatest joy of 30 years teaching young teenagers has been to watch them discover, “I can!” in all fields of learning. My classes annually won competition s, usually for our murals. I left my full time position as a classroom teacher to develop a career painting and sharing art skills. The rich culture and Spiritual life of India has become inspirational to my work. My mural, Shangri La Views, comprising of three large oil on canvas panels adorn the walls of the New Children’s Hospital in Delhi and a three panel mural in Children’s hospital in Suva , Fiji. Birds in Paradise, oil on canvas , now hang on the walls of the Children’s Hospital in Borneo. A collaboratively created mural of 5 large acrylic on canvas panels, now hangs in the Children’s Heart hospital in Raipur India. It is BLISS to contemplate and give colour and form to creativity. I usually work in oil paint, ink, dyes and pencil. If you chance upon a daisy That wobbles in the wind, Stop awhile and ponder At the Miracle within. Diploma of Fine Arts University of South East Queensland 1987 Classroom and Art teacher State schools 1988- 2013 Casual teacher and artist 2013- 2020 Local Business owner and operator 2020 -2023 Exhibits at Print People, Proudfoot Lane Murwillumbah


Exhibiting at: The Main Pavilion, Queensland Rd, Murwillumbah