Julia Collingwood

paint in watercolour, oils and gouache as well as draw in ink, pencil and pastels often combining these different mediums. My recent practice has concentrated on going into the landscape to draw and sketch en plein air, then returning to the studio to work the sketches up to completed artworks. I try not to use photographs, relying instead on memory and sketches. I am not interested in reproducing or illustrating the landscape but rather extracting from it the elements that interest me and then producing a final work which endeavours to bring those elements together. This approach can produce a work that teeters on the brink of being abstract while still conveying my own emotional response to the original landscape. Recently I have been drawn to watercolour. It is an unpredictable medium which makes it exciting and full of surprises. Its capacity for layering produces subtle and evocative tones while at the same time it can be strong and dynamic. When used with other mediums watercolours can produce strongly expressionistic abstract forms. Paul Klee was a master of abstract watercolours. I plan this year to spend some months travelling and camping in inland Australia in order to produce a series of works which will aspire to capture the magnificence of the Australian landscape.

Exhibiting at The Uki Connection @ Historic Church, 1473 Kyogle Road in Uki Village