Katherine Carson

Katherine is an award-winning artist, who loves to dance between realism and impressionism – guiding the viewer into an affinity with nature. Plying her sensitive knowledge of colour, value, composition and drawing, Katherine’s stunning works witness the sublime moments when light brushes skies and atmosphere; and early sunbeams across beaches and fields; or remote and vast expanses of the Australian bush. Her oils (and occasional watercolours) chronicle her loving touch, masterful brushwork and deep affection for the Natural world. Katherine (formally Katherine Castle) is widely known for her bird paintings, published around the world through the major homeware company – Maxwell and Williams. Her artwork has been reproduced onto millions of products such as mugs, plates and tea towels.  Several of Katherine’s paintings have been reproduced in books, the most recent as a feature artist in Penny Olsen’s “Feather and Brush”. Her work has evolved over the last few years and she now focuses on landscapes with the occasional bird painting. She has won many awards, most recently taking out the Bentley Art Prize.

Instagram:: https://www.instagram.com/katherinecarsonart
Website:: www.katherinecarsonart.com.au
Facebook:: https://www.facebook.com/katherinecarsonart