Lyn Naismith

Award-winning artist, Lyn Naismith, lived in Dubai for 11 years before returning to Australia in 2020. With a background in psychology and energy medicine, Lyn strongly believes in the power of art to heal. In particular, she has always been drawn to mandalas as sacred healing circles that express balance, harmony, connection and unity. Her love of colour and light is reflected in her artworks which radiate warmth and positivity for mental and emotional wellbeing and spiritual health. While Lyn primarily uses acrylics, she also enjoys incorporating other mediums and objects from nature. Her archetypal elements draw on symbolism inherent in the cultures she has visited around the world and aboriginal influences from Australia. A fascination with arabesque designs and an appreciation of Emirati culture have influenced Lyn’s recent artwork over the last decade. Based on the principles of symmetry, infinity and flow, traditional Islamic geometric patterns are incorporated into her art pieces, starting with the ancient artistic method of a ruler and compass. Based on a circle, these designs resonated with Lyn’s passion for mandalas and the underlying philosophy that everything is connected. Lyn’s artwork inspires contemplation and brings a peace and tranquility to any setting.


Exhibiting at: Uki Connection, 1473 Kyogle Road Uki