Rebecca Hughes

Expressive and bold my art celebrates life, capturing the beauty and joy I see and feel. I work directly onto the paper whether creating life drawings, still life’s or landscapes, without pre-drawn lines or pencil work, often letting my mood, the light or simple line or shape dictate the direction of the final piece. I am not focused on the finished product instead allow myself to enjoy the process of creation. As a practicing artist I love life drawing and sketch regularly. Rather than wasting my quick warm up drawings and hiding them in a cupboard, I rework them into their own wonders with a gesture or simple line igniting my imagination often celebrating the pride I feel being a woman, the desire I have for all women to see themselves as beautiful and to celebrate our diversities as the greatest beauty. However I do have a favourite child- Landscapes. I most enjoy creating landscapes on the spot observing and immersing myself in the outdoors experiencing the sounds and smells whilst indulging in the changing colours and shadows as they dance across the land capturing their stories in my images. My art is a study in observation, interpretation and joy.

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Exhibiting at: The Main Pavilion, Queensland Rd, Murwillumbah