NullMAT19 Villages Program

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Tweed’s historic riverside village of Tumbulgum joins Murwillumbah Arts Trail in 2019 with a focus on the unique diversity of its local artists.

Brenda Stuttle, Tweed River Chapel and Trish Budd, Tumbulgum mosaic artist, have teamed up to offer an exhibition program across multiple venues, highlighting the diversity of local artists with a strong connection to the rural village.  

During the four days of the Arts Trail, exhibitions of work by local featured artists will be exhibited for sale at five participating venues: Tumbulgum Public School, Tweed River Chapel, The Blonde Baker and Birdwing Cafe.  

Narelle Urquhart, a Wiradjuri woman and accomplished artist, is a strong advocate for education, equality, self-determination and believes that being an Indigenous person of such an amazing country is not only an honour but a true blessing. Her art has been highly recognised.

Narelle will open her exhibition of Restorative Art at Tweed River Chapel from 6-8pm on Thursday evening. Original art and prints by Narelle and young emerging artists are for sale at the Chapel Thursday to Sunday.  Narelle will tell her story during Sunday service at the Chapel.  Afterwards, from 12-4pm the chapel will host a bar-be-cue fundraiser for Tumbulgum Public School’s Wellbeing Program to promote an inclusive environment in our communities.  All are welcome.

On Friday 17th 2-5pm Tumbulgum Public School hosts the opening of an exhibition of Jason King’s paintings and an auction of students’ artwork.  Jason will talk about his passion for Aboriginal and Islander designs incorporating stories from his childhood in Tumbulgum.  His heritage is Indigenous, South Sea Islander and English. Jason recently completed a large mural at Tumbulgum Public School depicting the school’s founding date 1872.  

Visitors to Tumbulgum’s eateries can purchase art for sale by featured local artists while enjoying a coffee or meal.  Local business owners are excited to be involved in the Murwillumbah Arts Trail this year, offering a unique opportunity for local artists, some of whom are exhibiting their artwork for the first time.  


The artistic heart of Uki beats in sync with the Murwillumbah Arts Trail as the village, home to renowned artists and clever artisans, proudly shows its creative mettle.

The Mount Warning Hotel features “My Perspective”, an eponymous exhibition featuring works about the natural, artistic iconic core of the caldera – Wollumbin. Renowned artists Barb Suttie, Nikki Oughton, Marion Douglas, Chelle Wallace and Trish Budd join five other talented creators who interpret what fires our regional imagination.

A Tinker's Cuss, Brendan Esposito's forge, welcomes visitors to see ironworks in the making and to delight in the unexpected – look for chaos dice and fire pokers. The Tinkers Cuss will have his forge fired up in his studio, with demonstrations and a display of his wares.

Next door at the Uki Fair Trade Shoppe is the antithesis – photographers Paula Peach and Courtney Tartan exhibit exquisite photographs of our natural world, the unmade, unbuilt environment.

The Steam Funk shop offers Imaginarium, a collection of steampunk to tickle your wit with clever irony. So much more than welding goggles on a top hat.

The Uki Arts Collective takes over the Uki Hall to celebrate the broad creative spirit that leads artists and thinkers to our village. Local artists will show everything from traditional oil paintings to finely crafted sculpture. 
Harpist and singer Wendy Grace performs cool ambient music throughout the day.

The Garden Gallery is again delighted to join the Murwillumbah Arts Trail, to present the exhibition “Geology and Geometry”. It  features local artist Waves and well-known Sydney sculptor Phillip Hay now living in Murwillumbah. Opening on Saturday 19 May at 6pm and running through MAT19, with special treats on the final day Sunday 19 May during the Fringe Festival.

The Uki Gallery at the Buttery, in the heart of the markets features artist Jeff Gant and sculptors Alan Watts and Kieran Fay, and the sculpture team Timothy and Paul presenting 'Randomicity'.

To cap it off the Uki Markets are on in the grounds of the Buttery on Sunday. Feed your inner collector with tea and trinkets in an interesting, eclectic and welcoming crowd.

Mavis’s Kitchen & Cabins at 64 Mount Warning Road, Uki hosts Green Scenes – Landscape series of the Northern Rivers. 

Heather McClelland presents Contours of the Caldera with images of sugar cane fires by Scott McDougall complementing work by Don Capner with paintings by Barbara Suttie, Diane Hather and Emma Rush.

Morning tea and amazing Devonshire teas will be available. Or lunch and a quiet glass of wine if you prefer.

Nestled at the base of the majestic Wollumbin / Mt Warning, this 25-acre former dairy farm is home to a relaxed country-style restaurant, a rich organic kitchen garden, eco-friendly B&B cabin accommodation and a highly sought-after weddings and events venue. Surrounded by World Heritage rainforest and the fertile farmland of the lush Tweed Valley, it’s no wonder the focus here is all about sustainability.


Gigil and Whimsy are hosting a pop-up gallery culminating with live local musicians on Sunday 19th between 12 - 2pm  

Tweed Valley Whey Farmhouse Cheeses Burringbar are displaying a range of local artists and pottery as well as hosting "Taste the Region", experience the wonderful flavours of local produce and artisan cheese  

Burringbar Gallery is highlighting local works during MAT-19 week culminating in an event hosting  'canapés on the verandah' while featuring local artists work and creations on Sunday 19th May 12pm - 2pm


Come along to the Seventh annual Heart of the Caldera Wellness Festival in Tyalgum, on Saturday May 18 & Sunday May 19, from 9am til 3pm.  Celebrating the Art of Healing in Tyalgum! Stalls will include wellness practitioners, psychic readers, organic and eco products, as well as local artist stalls. There will be traditional dancers, presentations, and a varied display of the healing arts. Stalls will be at the Tyalgum Community Hall, inside and out, with healthy vegetarian food and drinks available throughout the day. And be sure to pop in to the Tyalgum Gelato Shop right next door to the Hall, with traditional handmade italian gelato and sorbets available all weekend.

Whilst you are in the village, be sure to take a stroll along the main street and enjoy the delightful artisan studios, galleries and gift shops, many featuring local, handmade wares. Flutterbies Cafe is a delightful wonderland to discover whilst you are in Tyalgum, with its own artisan coffee roaster, french patisserie, high tea room, piano room, and much more. There is Tyalgum is my Tuscany Gallery, Osiris silversmithing studio and jewellery store, Somewhere in the Sunshine chalk paint and furniture emporium, and the fabulous Orpheum bookshop, stuffed with the best literary finds one could hope for!

On Sunday afternoon, Tyalgum hosts a special collaborative arts event ‘Fragile : The Exhibition’, set in the beautiful Marketta Gardens next door to Flutterbies Cafe. Starting at 3pm, the event will include a number of pop galleries featuring local artists, as well as a moving art exhibition incorporating jewellery art, textile art, makeup artistry and fine arts. ‘Fragile’ explores the absolute vulnerability of life itself at this most poignant time on our planet. The exhibition features a gathering of artists who live, work and exhibit in Tyalgum - either in their own studios, or in the local Gallery ’Tyalgum is my Tuscany’.

Fragile : The Exhibition


My Heart's Desire has always been to be able to create and to share Art that can truly touch people at the Heart, to lift one to into a simple light, and to the sublime... Art is a potent tool of transmission to a viewer, and I utterly feel my own responsibility for what I communicate - even when exploring a 'darker', or confrontational subject matter. I am constantly imbued with a creative force and it forces its way to become a part of every facet of my life - an unstoppable fire that burns and moves to be expressed.

After completing several years of Fine Arts studies in Sydney 2002; majoring in Painting & Art Photography, life has taken many turns. I have spent large stretches of time not practising any Fine Art at all. In that time however, I have found myself transformed, I have grown, and it very much has had a positive impact on my relationship to creating, and to my Fine Arts practice. Much of these years have been a spiritual passage, and I would say that it is only now something that I can begin to express - through all endeavours & in art.

I love to work in most mediums; however I have been moved over the last few years to mainly work with my drawing skills; further exploring and working with graphite as a medium and returning to some of its fundamental and classical elements.

For the past thirteen years or more, I have been part of creating, managing and directing an eco-lifestyle shop. The ethos that runs through the business are close to my heart: sustainability & our impact on our environment - this is definitely a passion and thread that has continued on into this current arts event and its theme 'Fragile'. A natural synergy between both worlds are beginning to appear - as the little eco-shop now has now included a small studio space, a collection of my printed works and some non-toxic artist materials for others to purchase.


I have always had a deep connection to the elemental forces of life, and the magic and mystery of creation itself. This connectedness to all living things is like a river that runs through me, and flows into my work as I create. When I am involved in the creative process, and deep space opens and I feel the connection to all things, all life - past and present - and I am held in a space that is beyond time, beyond mind. The pieces are storytellers, and sometimes keys that hold the vibratory current of feeling and contemplation. Whatever is arising within consciousness as I create the piece, is inherently held within it, and the most sensitive recipients will feel and recognise that essence when they connect with that piece of jewellery.

I have a deep love of nature, and treasure the gift that natural environments bestow upon us, through their very existence. This has naturally led to being a passionate advocate for environmental awareness and protection, which is deeply embedded within my work. As an artist, my work is very sculptural and textural. My eye is constantly drawn to the rhythms and layers that exist in nature, and these patterns echo upon the surfaces of my pieces. I work directly with the metal and the stone, and feel the elements as I create, and allow them to speak through me.

With this collection of pieces, my aim is to draw the viewer into feeling the wonder and mystery of our precious home, and all the beautiful forms of life that exist here. Life is so precious, and so much of it is disappearing before our very eyes. We are the generation that is the witness of so much change to this earth plane and we hold a great flame of responsibility in our hearts. I consider myself profoundly blessed to be able to live in such an exquisite corner of the world, where we are so graciously held beyond much of the maelstrom that exists right now on the planet.

I know deep within my being that when a person is brought back to feeling, it changes their course of action, their choices and the impacts those choices have. Art is a potent medium to draw people into feeling, and that is why it is important to hold a space for our artists and creatives - they are the sentinels that help us find our way back to the feeling dimension. I give thanks to each and every one of you who supports the arts in the recognition of its necessity for our true humanity.

I have been painting since I can remember. However, in my early adult years, I left my passion to pursue many career paths, one being a pastry chef.Many years later, I started painting again just for fun while looking for a job (I changed career paths at this point). I discovered creating was a huge stress reliever. During that time, I fell in love with it, as a result, it was something I wanted to continue doing.I spend a lot of time outdoors in nature which is displayed in my art.

Jane is a local girl who is studying a dual degree in Psychology and Law at Griffith University. She has been interested in watercolour for many years, since studying art in high school. Her passion is for botanical subjects and Australian fauna. Her work is available at Tyalgum is my Tuscany Gallery.
Jane participates in the Murwillumbah Art Drop every year


I was born in the South of France and raised in many parts of western Europe for the most. I feel the impact of the southern ways and culture, the French inheritance running deep through me. Expression for one is distinct in thought and verbal forms. The directness and intimacy of feeling at home with intellectual, emotional and spiritual constructs, is a pathway for me to explore, share and receive light information from. This redistribution of self expression comes in all forms and has definitely taken me inwardly. The gap between the tangible and the experiences I had from childhood onward, drove me to question acquired truths more deeply. Expressing feelings and deeper understandings in life can be a challenge to integrate on the day to day when a clear reluctance to feel at home in both realities clashes. I found that this integrity of heart soul will body could best be expressed in effortless being. A spontaneity revisited. Grounded in this world.

Although writing and languages were my primary source of expression, (I worked in journalism and as a researcher, translator for the ABC for over 25 years) I found drawing, singing, journaling and sewing a very grounding way of sharing in a peaceful loving way what my heart truly needed to express and give out, besides the pure and absorbing healing work of core emotional clearing at a planetary level. Gifts come in many ways and balancing them while raising children has stirred me towards the sewing of beautiful garments in recent years. Using organic vegan fabrics where possible and repurposing linen and cottons.

Designing individual, simple, flowing dresses and garments for the tropical climate, brings me close to the very creative, environmental, community conscious village of Tyalgum, in the hinterland of Byron Bay.

This very exciting collaborative journey is starting with wonderful artists both in Tyalgum and Pottsville, for “fragile”. An explorative jewellery exhibition where the environment and Mother’s essential life forces are presented. In their fragility. My role as the dressmaker using dyed and painted linen by Karla Kavanagh will be showcasing Osiris Jewellery’s exquisite artwork.