Leesa Livermore

As a youngster in Bendigo, Victoria, I remember sitting at my nans house drawing and colouring in. She was an oil painter who used to paint pansy’s on soap boxes for gifts, and loved doing it. I also remember saying to nan, “When I grow up, I am going to be an artist”. As I grew older, I left that dream behind. Although I still loved art at school, I never studied it formally. Much has happened in my life since then, especially career paths. Everything from graphic designer to fitness instructor to govt. admin., its been a buzz. ​Now my focus is art – painting plants, flowers and tree-scapes. … and loving it! My time spent at the Caldera Wildscapes Gallery is precious. This is my escape from everyday work stress and it has reminded me that I had the right idea about who I wanted to be at a very young age.

Website: leesalivermore.com

Main Street Gallery 60-64 Main St, Murwillumbah